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You probably know that 3D Cart Merchant Services is a foremost provider of shopping cart software for online stores.  But did you know that 3D Cart Merchant Services can equip you with everything you need to process credit card payments, too?  Yes, it’s true. 3D Cart Merchant Services can set up a merchant account for you, whether you’re doing business online, at a storefront, by phone, by mail—or all of the above. Whatever your needs, we offer complete merchant account services, plus tech support in one, convenient package.


Great Rates
We bring the same expertise to providing merchant services that we do to providing e-commerce solutions at some of the best rates in the industry: 

  • 1.39 % for storefront debit card transactions;
  • 1.69 % for storefront credit card transactions;
  • 2.19 % for Internet, phone and mail transactions.

Even better, we do not charge setup fees, application fees, annual fees or hidden fees. Learn more about our highly competitive rates

Personal service
Besides excellent rates, we provide friendly, personal service. Call us for a personal consultation. Or send us an e-mail any time day or night and someone will get back to you within one business day.

We also offer a quick and convenient application and approval process. More than 98% of our applicants are approved, and they’re usually accepting credit cards within one business day.

Whether you’re a first-time customer or want to switch from your current merchant services provider,
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What’s involved?
So what’s a merchant account and how does credit card processing work?  A merchant account is an agreement under which an acquiring bank extends a line of credit to a business or other organization that wants to accept credit card payments. Some organizations work directly with a bank to set up a merchant account, but more often they work through a merchant services provider, or payment processor, such as 3D Cart Merchant Services
Merchant services providers help organizations process credit card (or debit card) payments in four venues: 

  1. On Site (storefront)
  2. Telephone
  3. Mail order
  4. Online, via Internet.

3D Cart Merchant Services offers equipment and solutions for you, wherever you want to accept credit cards.
Payment processing involves five key steps:

  1. Your customer physically gives you (the merchant) a credit or debit card via an on-site card “swipe” terminal, or provides you with their card information via phone, mail order or website
  2. A merchant services provider (payment processor) sends the information to the customer’s card issuer for authorization
  3. The card issuer sends authorization back to the payment processor
  4. The payment processor transmits authorization to you, the merchant
  5. Funds are deposited in your bank account.

On Site/Storefront Transactions
As shoppers, most of us are familiar with how credit cards are processed in person at a store or service counter—we hand our card to a clerk who “swipes” it through a small terminal near the cash register. Or maybe we swipe the card ourselves.

Swiping a card triggers the authorization process, sending information to a credit-card processing clearinghouse for verifying the card-holder’s credit standing and assuring payment to the merchant after the customer signs the credit card slip or electronic screen.

Online, Phone and Mail Transactions
The ability to accept credit cards is essential to merchants doing business by phone, by mail or online—via the Internet. These types of transactions all require a virtual terminal to process card payments. Virtual terminals can stand alone but are usually part of a payment gateway, which is required for processing payments for “real-time” online and phone orders.

Payment gateways interface with the credit card processing clearinghouse to authorize credit cards while the customer is still online or on the phone. Gateways provide a path from your website (for online stores) and/or virtual terminal (for phone transactions) to the credit card clearinghouse.

For online stores, 3D Cart Merchant Services will provide a payment gateway or work with other gateway systems to link your website’s shopping cart software to the clearinghouse. 3D Cart Merchant Services consultants will explain the gateway process to you and answer your questions about accepting credit cards for online or phone center transactions.

Take A Tour
Want to see how credit card processing works for online and phone transactions?  Take a tour of our gateway and virtual terminal services for a demonstration.

Learn more
Explore our website to learn more about 3D Cart Merchant Services, including our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. You can also call us toll-free with your questions at (800) 838-9699 or APPLY NOW online.